On the off chance that you are a US resident and wed a non-US resident when you are out of the country, you cannot carry your life partner to the US without a K3 Visa. A K3 Visa is likewise called a life partner Visa and a non0immigrant Visa. Under a K3 Visa you can bring your mate and your companion’s kids to the US and hang tight for the migration cycle to close while remaining. Visas for offspring of your companion are called K4 Visas, however they cannot be given until your life partner has a K3 Visa. To get a K3 Visa a life partner is characterized as an individual to whom you are hitched. You probably been allowed to wed in light of the fact that the US does not allow polygamy and in the event that you are now hitched to another person, the application for a K3 Visa will be denied. If you cohabitate with your accomplice, this is not viewed as marriage and would not meet the prerequisites for a K3 Visa.

On account of societies that really do allow polygamy, just the main spouse is qualified for a K3 Visa. Assuming you or your life partner were hitched previously to get a K3 Visa you should submit verification that you were either separated or that the primary mate is dead. Two petitions are fundamental for a K3 Visa. You need to present these petitions for the benefit of your mate in the K3 application process. The principal request for a K3 Visa Bankervn is Structure 1-130, which is the Request for Outsider Family member. When you get endorsement, you can then record a Request for Outsider Fiancé (e), which is Structure 1-129F for a K3 Visa.

At the point when this request is endorsed, the Public Visa Community will contact the consulate of the country in which the marriage occurred. It is important to check that the marriage did as a matter of fact occur before a K3 Visa can be given. When the petitions have been supported, your mate can then begin the application cycle for the K3 Visa in the nation of home. This implies that he/she needs to meet the prerequisites for US movement. Albeit the sit tight time for movement is abbreviated for a K3 Visa, a similar documentation is required. The endorsement of your petitions is legitimate for a four-month term, which will give you a lot of chance to present the necessary records. In the event that you experience issues acquiring the archives, you can get an expansion to give you additional opportunity to get the K3 Visa.